• Finnest helps children become financially responsible, preparing them for adulthood

    Finnest is a financial tool entirely designed for your child between 8 and 18

    Part mobile app, part prepaid debit card to help children learn and understand the

    value of money while parents maintain control to set them up for financial success

    Finnest App - prepaid account for youth
  • Financial learning at every stage

    Saving has never been easier for children with Finnest

    Nestablishment - Saving with Finnest

    Start saving and create a nest​

    The Nestablishment lets your child create savings goals and earn interest from parents to learn the effect of compound interest. Start growing a financial future early through Nestablishment. Best of all, it's efficient, fun and can be automated.

    Nest-Express an instant money transfer

    Transfer money whenever and wherever

    With Nest-Express, you can transfer money to and from your child's account with the blink of an eye while keeping full control and overview of their spendings and savings. Make misplaced cash a thing of the past!

    Nestivities - improving financial skills with Finnest

    Improve financial skills with fun activities

    Nestivities feature expertly designed activities that let your children learn while they earn, spend, and save. Just sit back, relax and watch them grow with every interaction.

    Nest-control to make Finnest a safe place for youth banking

    Sleep soundly knowing your money is safe

    Nest-Control alerts you with real-time notifications of when and where the card is being used. Instantly block and unblock the card at any time through the app. Set allowance, jobs and pay interest at your convenience.

    The Finnest Family - Raising money smart children
  • - You're safe with us -

    Strong Partners

    • An established bank on our side to handle and store what's important
    • The FDIC to cover your back AND money

    Personal Support

    • Give one of our experienced employees a call 24/7 
    • Questions, help or a bedtime story? We are here for you

    Prepaid Debit Card

    • No overdraft or debt
    • No expensive mistakes or hidden fees
    • Latest technology to keep you and your account secure 
  • Finnest App - Prepaid card spending and saving overview


    Learn how your

    kids can start advancing their financial future


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